In Progress Filings shows all filings that are pending, but not completed, for the respective Filing Category selection.  Note that Pending items are automatically removed from the In-Progress Filings after 30 days.  

The In-Progress Filings grid displays the following:

  • Date – The Date the filing was initially added to the In-Progress Filings.
  • Type – The Entity Type or other high-level category for the specific filing.
  • Filing Type – The specific Filing Type.
  • Status – The Status of the filing including:  Pending payment and any error statuses.
  • Actions – Edit (pencil) and Delete (trashcan) are the available actions.

The In Progress Filing categories are:  All, Business, UCC, Trademarks and Notary.  The display columns and action buttons are the same for all filing categories.

In-Progress Filings - Filing Category Selection

A Filing Category may be selected from the are listed in the drop-down list box:  All, Business, Trademarks, UCC, and Notary.  The Filing Category will be defaulted to show the filings for the current Filing Category being viewed.

Edit – When the Edit button is selected, the Edit screen that appears depends upon the filing category as well as the Filing Type of the selected In Progress item.  Selecting the edit button allows a user to continue with the filing process. After selecting the Edit button, the system will navigate to the filing on the last step in the filing process where data entry previously occurred.

Delete – The Delete button selection will prompt with an Alert message to confirm the deletion of the transaction.  The selection of Yes will result in deleting the filing and the selection of No will cancel the action.