The Entity Search main menu option presents a business search screen supporting the search for Trademarks, Trade Names, Service Marks, Reserved Names, and Business Licenses.

Text may be entered in at least one or any number of fields from the primary search criteria on this screen.  Select the Search button to return any available results.  The Clear button will clear all search criteria text entered.

Search Criteria

Name information can be used to search for both Business Entities and Marks (Trademarks, Service Marks, and Trade Names).

Business Entity Search Criteria

Business Entity specific search criteria can be entered to search for

Example 1 – Entering “Smith” for the Name (starts with) and “Smith” for the Officer Name (Business Entity Search Criteria) results in a list of returned search matches:

Example 2 – Enter “Jones” for the Applicant Name (Marks Search Criteria) results in a list of returned search matches:

Entity Search results include:

  • Name – The Name of the business entity.
  • Status – The Status of the entity.
  • Filing Date – The Filing Date for the entity.
  • Type – The Type of entity.
  • NV Business ID – Unique Nevada business identification number for this entity.
  • Entity Number – Unique system Entity Number for identification.
  • Mark Number – The Mark Number is the number associated with a specific trademark.
  • Actions – The Action “Manage this Business” is available.

Entity Search Alert

If the Entity Search criteria entered would return more than 500 items, an Alert message appears prompting for a more defined search.

Entity Search Action - Manage this Business

When selected, the Manage this Business button routes the user to the appropriate screen for next steps in managing the business selected.