Assignment – To start the filing process, search for the mark using the Mark Name or Mark Number and then select the Next button.

The result will be a listing of Mark records matching the search criteria.

Select the desired record from the results grid by selecting the associated radio button and clicking the Select button.  To proceed to the next step, select Next in the lower right corner.

If the selected results grid item is not eligible for an Assignment, an Alert message will appear.

If the selected results grid item is eligible for an Assignment, the system provides a step-by-step processing flow to guide filers through the filing requirements. Follow the designated process flow to enter all filing information and complete the Assignment.

Review Screen

After all filing information has been entered, the system will present a Review Screen where all of the filing information can be reviewed and edited if required.  If all information on the Review screen is satisfactory, the filing may be added to the shopping cart for final payment and filing submission.  

Add Filing to Shopping Cart

From the review page, filings can be submitted for processing by selecting the Add to Shopping Cart button.  

Make Edits to Filing Information

Optionally, from the review page, a filer can navigate back to each section of the filing to make changes by selecting the Edit hyper-link for that section of information.  Upon selection of Edit, the system will navigate back to specific page to allow the user to make requisite changes.

Leave Filing - Finalize Processing Later from In Progress Filings

From the review page, a user may also leave the filing altogether by navigating away from the review page to another web page on the site or to another web site.

An example Review Screen for a Trademark Registration filing is presented below for reference.  The exact content on the review page will vary by Filing Type.